Graphic: Personal Work

Iris Ivy Art

Logo Design, Business Card Design, Shop Branding Designs, Product Photography

Visual Identity

Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Layout Design

Under Construction…

Iris Ivy Art

Logo Design

Design development for my own personal logo.

Business Card Design

Design for my own artist Business Cards. This design process was minimal as I discovered the design very early on in the process and ended up playing with the layout in illustrator rather than exploring in the concepting phase.

Store Asset Designs

Designs used for my Etsy Store. (Top is the shop banner, bottom left and middle are for a post informing Instagram followers of shop opening and bottom right is shipping information.)

Product Photography

Product photography of my art prints for my Etsy store.

Visual Identity

Personal Business Card Design

Another design for my own Business Cards, this one was more minimal.

Fetch Logo Design

Design development for a hypothetical Dog adoption company ‘Fetch’.

Fetch Business Card Design

Design development for ‘Fetch’ Business card.

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