Space Mates

Space Mates


Character Design, Environment Design, Storyboards


3D Animation, Texturing


Poster Design, Art Book, Promotional Video

The Brief

‘Space Mates’ is an animated sci-fi comedy that follows the out-of-this-world escapades of a steely young Māori woman, Marama and her low-fi DIY robotic mate, B.R.O. As the dynamic duo from Aotearoa is swept through space on adventures, but a mysterious and seductive button halts their journey.

This was my third-year major project in my final year of university, I worked in a team of nine over nine months to complete our 110-second animated piece. Since we were a small team we took on various different roles throughout to complete this project to the highest standard we could.


Character Design

I was responsible for designing Space Mates two protagonists, Marama a young Māori Space mechanic and her robot companion, B.R.O.


 Marama’s design is a combination of the futuristic sci-fi setting with influences of the essence of Māori culture; I found that to be linked to a spiritual tie to the earth. I wanted elements of her design to call back to nature. Take the leather elements in her costume; they are inspired by traditional Māori flax weaving. Marama’s design also had to reflect her occupation; she is a mechanic and she had to look equipped for it.

Marama Model

Base Mesh By Frans Roelofsz
Body Sculpt By Isabella Morelli
Head Retopology By Moretekorohunga Llyod
Head Sculpt | Texture By Renee Harris


B.R.O is stupidly optimistic and loyal to the bone. Because of this I looked to dogs for inspiration. Wanting the innocents yet vitality they brought to come through in this design. Simplicity was also at the top of my mind knowing that this character had to be easy enough to model, rig and animate but their design would have to allow for a wide range of emotions to be portrayed.

B.R.O Model

Base Mesh | Texture By Renee Harris
Final Model By Frans Roelofsz


I worked as a storyboard artist alongside Moretekorhunga Llyod on Spaces Mates and produced various versions of Storyboard Panels for a variation of shots. Storyboarding required us to bring the script into the visual realm. We had to visualize this story into a plausible scope of what we could do within the year. It was at this point we got to explore these characters movement and relationship in more depth and begin to visualize what this story would become on screen.

Shot 20 – 22

Animated By Myself

Shot 2

Animated By Renee Harris


Environment Design

Part of my role on Space Mates was early world development. I produced early concepts exploring space and the vibrancy the team wanted to accomplish in its design. I further went on exploring the world and characters that were being developed within key frame thumbnails; this was happening alongside the scripts development.


Key Frames



As the Lead 3D Animator, I was required to develop characters mannerism and parameters that the team of six 3D animators would follow. I co-ordinated the team of animators timelines to ensure animation would be completed in time. I was also in control of framing and camera set up for the majority of shots. On top of this I also animated over half the final product.

Animation Reel

Animation Breakdown


Space Mates set was filled with over 50 models and all of these required individual texturing so I helped in the development of textures for already made and unwrapped models. I worked alongside Renee Harris who had developed the texture ascetic and created a texturing bible to follow.

Game Controller

Model by Cameron Travis
UV by Isabella Morelli and Cameron Travis

Noodle Cups

Models by Isabella Morelli
UV by Renee Harris


Frame Model, Uv and Texture by Alice Fuller


Poster Design

Landscape Poster

Pose by Tyla Ahern

Taniwha Poster

Pose by Tyla Ahern
Taniwha and 2D Dimension by Renee Harris (Collaborated with me on Posters design)

Art Book Design

Space Mates art book was created by Isabella Morelli, Renee Harris and Jamie Sullivan for our Exposure exhibition space to give a detailed look into the development of this projects world and story.

Space Mates Art Book.

Promotional Video

Responsible for editing together a short promotional video that would be displayed at our Exposure exhibition space. (Footage was not shot by me)

Jamie Sullivan | Artist and Animator Portfolio